Our services

At Pmal, we can cater to your every digital business need, offering core services such as Analytics, Strategy, and Digital Transformation solutions.


Effective data analytics helps businesses save money, see the bigger market trends and streamline internal processes. We help you identify data streams to track and follow, and set up processes and visualisation tools that help you make sense of the data. Our approach ensures that you're not just collecting data, but turning it into actionable insights that drive decision-making and foster growth.

Digital Transformation

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead means embracing change. Our Digital Transformation services are designed to revolutionise your business operations, integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency and competitiveness. We guide you through the journey of digital adoption, from automating processes to implementing innovative solutions, ensuring your business is not just keeping up, but setting the pace in your industry.


The digital marketplace is vast and ever-changing, and a strong e-commerce presence is essential for today's businesses. Our E-commerce services help you navigate this complex landscape, from developing user-friendly websites to optimising online sales channels. We focus on creating engaging customer experiences, streamlining the buying process, and implementing robust security measures, ensuring your e-commerce platform is not just a store, but a destination.


Strategic planning is the cornerstone of enduring business success. Our Strategy services focus on creating a roadmap for your business that aligns with your core values and market objectives. We delve into market analysis, competitive positioning, and long-term goal setting, providing you with a clear, actionable plan that drives growth, fosters innovation, and builds a sustainable competitive advantage.

Project Management

Successful project management is about more than just meeting deadlines and budgets; it's about value and quality. Our Project Management services encompass planning, executing, and closing projects, ensuring they align with your business goals. We employ best practices and methodologies combined with our expertise, to manage project risks, ensure stakeholder alignment, and achieve your desired outcomes, keeping your projects on track and your business moving forward.